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You build machines. AGV and Mobile Industrial Robots - MIR. Driverless transport vehicles. You value the highest quality standards for all parts used. As a manufacturer of AGV transport systems or other MIR (Mobile Industrial Robots) you are aware of your responsibility: your industrial and commercial customers rely on your vehicles to move heavy goods.

What do we at Hellpower Energy have to do with this? We provide the drives forAGV transport systems and other automatic guided vehicles. MIR Robot batteries from Hellpower Energy, your battery designer, are small, light, powerful, and durable. They are equipped with a practical rapid loading system and a changing system for special suitability even in shift operation. Maximum fail safety helps you to establish harmonious customer relationships by avoiding complaints.

You can count on our perfectly coordinated overall system of individual consultation, battery, and charger!




An example video illustrating our focus on the individual implementation of projects with the best energy utilisation, handling, and safety can be found here:

We know what helps manufacturers of AGV transport systems to move forward

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Driverless transport vehicles and especially AGV systems are only as good as the complete system is reliable. Because the energy concept plays an important role in automatic guided vehicles in particular, we are here. MIR Robot batteries from Hellpower Energy are up to the challenges of energy management, even in shift or cycle operation.

Our outstandingly reliable lithium AGV batteries enable fast charging and interim charging and thus contribute to trouble-free operation around the clock for your customers. The energy of our batteries also lifts heavy loads. Two of our FLA 24V/60Ah batteries move up to 40 tonnes - with minimum space requirement and highest energy density. The full capacity of 60 Ah is guaranteed when starting up and even at the end, with reduced loading capacity.




An overview of some key data of our lithium batteries for AGV transport systems:

  • no memory effect
  • battery change also possible under load thanks to practical plug-in system
  • not critical in case of malfunction
  • charging time with standard chargers: 12 h
  • charging time with our quick charger: max. 5 h
  • power supply unit for permanent power supply available
  • continuous operating time - depending on load, starting and stopping processes: 60 - 90 min



We at Hellpower Energy are a bit proud of the satisfaction of our customers,
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