Hellpower Energy Lithium batteries

Our lithium batteries

in a nutshell:

small and extra light

low self-discharge rate

individually manufactured - available for
order from as little as a single piece.

We at Hellpower Energy are battery designers. With our passion for on-the-go energy, we develop the battery that meets your specifications and individual requirements. The one that moves your products - completely independent of sockets. You may be surprised to hear that our individual batteries are even available for order from as little as a single piece. And of course also in large batches and series.
It's so simple: With just a little information, we can calculate, plan, and design your suitable battery. This way we are promoting the local economy. The construction of prototypes as well as series production takes place completely in Austria.





Technology that will win you over. Safety as it should be.

technik die ueberzeugt
Manufacturing custom high-quality lithium batteries is our speciality - and our passion. From the first performance calculation to the housing construction and all the way to the completion of prototypes and beyond - we have the power for your project.

Our batteries are highly adaptable: We can supply them for universal use either with housing or in compact shrink tubing, each with robust links, sockets, and plugs at all connections. Our rechargeable batteries can be combined and connected in parallel for particularly high capacity requirements.

Always included: our ingenious electronic battery management system, which ensures the perfect balance of the individual cells when charging and automatic switch-off in the event of undervoltage or overvoltage. For maximum ease of use and extra long service life.


Unsere Lithium-Akkus auf den Punkt gebracht:

  • individually manufactured from as little as a single piece
  • low self-discharge rate
  • location-independent operation
  • stable voltage
  • in housing or shrink tubing
  • can be combined for even higher capacity
  • small and extra light
  • low self-discharge rate
  • maximum energy
  • integrated electronic protection module (BMS)
  • extra long operating time
  • own quick chargers available

We at Hellpower Energy are a bit proud of the satisfaction of our customers,
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